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(Last Updated On: February 13, 2018)

Qualtrics is a web-based survey design and deployment platform. Oxy has purchased an institutional license that allows the Oxy community to create and issue their own surveys. To use Qualtrics under the Oxy license, please follow the instructions below.

Creating accounts

Qualtrics Account Sign-up Procedure

  1. Go to this page:
  2. Click on the link: “Don’t have an account” in order to create a new account

3. Enter your Oxy email address and choose a password (it does not need to be your Oxy password).

4. Enter your First Name and Last Name. Do not enter your phone number.

5. Click “Sign up”.

6. Check your Oxy email and click the verification link and instructions from Qualtrics.


NOTE on Human Subjects Research: Your account password MUST be changed for any account conducting a study undergoing IRB review. IRB applicants may also be required to take additional measures to ensure the protection of research subjects when using Qualtrics. Contact for more information about IRB requirements. If you have been specifically directed by the HSRRC Chair to collect your data anonymously, contact Jacob Sargent, Associate Director of the CDLA at


To change your password in the future:


– click your name at the top right of your homepage.

– a list of options will appear, including “Account Settings”

– click “Account Settings” and a new page will appear where the first

option is to change your password.


Get started with Qualtrics’ help documentation.

For general information:

If you would like additional support using Qualtrics software please contact Darren Hall, Academic Technology Specialist at the CDLA at