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(Last Updated On: October 3, 2017)

The Checklist activity is a good way to ensure your students have read the syllabus for your class.

1. Post your syllabus on your Moodle page.  For instructions on how to upload a document see this tutorial. TIP: Post your syllabus as a PDF to enable students to open it within the browser.

2. Click on the Add Activity Click link in the same topic area where the syllabus is posted.

Add activity or resource link


3. Select Checklist from the list of available Activities.

Moodle28_Select Checklist

4. Give the Checklist a title and explanatory text in the Introduction text box.

Checklist title and Introduction5. Under Settings > Show course modules select “Current section.”


7. Enter 0 in the Maximum grade field.  Entering any other value will add the Checklist to the Gradebook. Scroll to the bottom and click Save and display.


Checklist Grade

8. Click the Edit checklist tab.  Hide any items in the section that you don’t want to be part of the checklist by clicking on the eyeball icon next to that item.  Hidden items will appear with strikethrough text and will not be visible to students in the checklist.

Edit Checklist tab

The Student View

When a student is viewing the course, when they click on the Checklist activity, they can tick the box to acknowledge having read the syllabus and agreeing to it.  Once checked off, the green progress bar will update accordingly.

Checklist Student View


View Progress

If you want to see who has completed the Checklist, click on the Activity from the course homepage, and then click the View progress tab.  Students with a green bar next to their name are those who have ticked the box.

Checklist View Progress