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(Last Updated On: April 30, 2020)

Uploading Files

The simplest and most convenient way to upload a file to your Moodle course page is to simply drag your file and drop it into the course topic area of your choice. You will see an “Add file(s) here” popup in the area that you are about to place your file. Once you drop your file into your desired location, it will upload and make itself available within your course.

To upload a file another way, navigate to your course and select “Turn editing on” in the upper right of the page. Navigate to “Add an activity or resource” in your desired topic and select “File”, and then “Add”:

On the following page under the General field, you may name and describe the file you intend to upload. Under the “Content” field, you’ll see an upload box in which you may upload your file to your course:

The simplest way to upload files from your local hard drive is to drag them into the upload box. Should you prefer to navigate for your file through Moodle’s file search interface, known as “File picker”, select the icon of a page with a plus on it, circled above. Clicking this will bring up the “File picker”:

Under the “Upload a file” tab, select “Choose file” to navigate your system and locate your file. Once you have done so, select “Upload this file”. At the bottom of the page, select “Save and return to course”.

Managing your Private Files

Moodle has a native repository for you to store private files. To upload files to your Moodle private file repository, go to the upper left corner, you will find the button for Navigation  and once the tab drops, click on Private Files.

On the next page you’ll encounter an interface that will allow you to drag and drop your files into your private files repository.

Once this is done and you select “Save changes”, your files will now appear within the “Private files” tab within Moodle’s “File picker” interface when you are uploading files. To organize your private files by folders when uploading your files, click the icon. This will allow you to create a new folder which you may name. That folder will then appear in the drag/drop area. Clicking on the folder will allow you to open its contents and will bring up another drag/drop area where you may add files to this folder.