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(Last Updated On: April 10, 2018)

Collapsing and Expanding Course Topic Sections

In Moodle 3.0, you now have the option to make each section of your course “collapsible.” This is useful especially if you have long topic sections from uploaded resources, activities, etc. Being able to collapse each topic might help a student find their current place in the course.

For example, the first section of this course is long enough that it takes up the entire page before the next topic starts.

Each section separated by gray lines can be collapsed. To do this, first turn editing on from the top right of the course page. Next, click on “edit settings” in the course administration box.

On the edit course settings page, scroll down and expand the “Course format” dropdown arrow. The default format setting is “Topics format.” To make sections of your course collapsible, change this from “Topics format” to “Collapsed topics.”

Change the format value to "collapsed topics" to enable collapsible topic sections.

Change the format value to “collapsed topics” to enable collapsible topic sections.

Then click “save and return” or “save and display” to save your changes. Your course page will now look something like this:


Users can now reveal the material within each section as they choose, while unwanted or irrelevant topics can remain collapsed. This is an especially useful function for course pages with lots of materials and long topic sections.


Creating collapsible topic sections video tutorial: