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(Last Updated On: July 30, 2021)

You can change the way the grade displays in the Grader report (the spreadsheet layout view of grades that instructors see) and the User report (the table layout of grades that students see) to suit your preferences. The default is to show the “Real” grade, meaning the actual point values for a given assignment and for the category totals. You may wish, however to show the Percentage, alongside the points. To make this change:

1. From the Course Management menu [accessed via the 3 gear icon in the top navigation bar], select Gradebook setup

2. At the top of the page on the left is a pull-down menu. Click in the box and select Course grade settings.

3. On the Course grade settings page, change the Grade display type from Real (default) to whatever combination you prefer that includes percentages (e.g. Percentage (Real) will display a percent value with the point value in parentheses)

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save changes button.

Note that if you select any option to display letter grades, be sure that the ranges used match your expectations. You can see the default ranges and edit them by again selecting from the pull-down menu from anywhere within grading pages and selecting Letters>View from the menu.