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(Last Updated On: August 17, 2019)

My courses sidebar

On the Moodle homepage down the right side you will see a My courses sidebar list of your courses. The top of the list will show any currently visible courses (current semester, immediate past semester and any sites with no end date). These are all in orange font. Below that, hidden courses will be listed in reverse chronological order in grey text. In order to determine the semester of a course, hover over the course name with the cursor and text will appear showing the course “short name”. For help interpreting this standard naming convention for courses, see the tutorial on course naming convention.

My courses sidebar with highlighted hover text

Search Courses

If you have a particularly long list of old courses, you may wish to first look up the Course Record Name (CRN) of the course in Course Counts and then use your browser’s search function to more quickly identify the correct course.

1. In Course Counts, select the Semester, Subject and enter the Course Number in the search box.

Results list of search in Course Counts with CRN highlighted

The left column will display the CRN. Copy the CRN.

2. On your Moodle homepage, use Ctrl(Windows)/Cmd(Mac) + F to bring up a browser search box. Paste in the CRN. The results will be highlighted on the page.

Using search keystroke combination to search for a course by CRN