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(Last Updated On: August 10, 2016)

In the “drag and drop into text” question type, students must select the appropriate text and drop it in the correct blank spaces in a paragraph or sentences of the instructor’s choosing.

Drag and drop text question appearance

First, name the question so that you can find it in the question bank easily. Students will not see the question name.

Next, type the question text into the text box below the question name, and put your “answers” or words that students will drag and drop in the “choice” fields below. Instead of leaving “blank” spaces where students have to choose a word, put double brackets and a number. The bracketed number has to correspond with the number of the right choice.

Question text with bracketed numbers

The answer boxes should correspond by choice number to the numbers in your question text:

Answer boxes by row

Finally, click “save changes and display” or “save changes and continue editing,” and you are finished.