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(Last Updated On: October 11, 2018)

Deciding when to turn on a course in Moodle is at your discretion, however there are certain things that should be uploaded to a Moodle class site before it is made public to students.

  • The syllabus should be visible at the top of the Moodle site. If dates are flexible on the syllabus it should be clear that it and the Moodle site includes a tentative or thematic schedule of the class that is subject to change.
  • Arrange course resources in order of class schedule or topics.
  • Course policies not included in the syllabus should be uploaded to the top of the page.
  • If the you are using Moodle to lay out the course calendar, dates and times for midterms, papers, and finals should be labeled clearly.

When the information is laid out appropriately for how you want to structure your class and the syllabus and course policies are clearly laid out, then the course is fine to make public. The Moodle course page content does not have to be finalized before it is shared to students; it just needs to clearly lay out resources like syllabi and basic course structure.

When you are ready to publish your course, follow these directions.