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(Last Updated On: July 30, 2021)

You can use the Import tool to copy course content from one Moodle course site to another.

1.   Go to the course into which you wish to import content.  On the navigation bar on the top left of the screen, click on the multiple gears icon.

Box that opens when you click on the multiple gears icon

You will see a lot of option in a box that opens up. Click on the Import tab.2.    In the course selection page that follows, select the course from which you want to import data.  If the course is not shown in the list, use the search box to find the course by its name. If you have taught many of the same courses, it is helpful to know the CRN to ensure you get the right version.  Search Course Counts to find the CRN for a course. Once you have selected the right course, click Continue.

Import data course selection page

3.     On the Initial Settings page, if you want to import everything in the course, click the Jump to final step button and then skip to point 7. If you want to select certain items to import, while leaving behind others, click Next.

Import Initial Settings page.

4.  On the Schema Settings page, all content items are selected to be imported by default.  You can use the check boxes to deselect any items you do not want to import. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Next.

Import Schema Settings page

5.   The following page is basically just a confirmation of the settings and what is to be included. Items with a red X will not be imported.  Items with a green check mark will be imported. Scroll to the bottom and click Perform Insert.

Import Confirmation and Review page.

7.   You should now see a confirmation message. Click Continue to return to your course, where you will find the imported content.

Import complete page

8. After you have imported a course from a previous semester, you will likely need to update certain things such as the due dates of activities and, if you have any Panopto videos embedded, make sure a copy of the videos are in the current Panopto folder linked to your Moodle course to ensure access for your new students.