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(Last Updated On: March 15, 2020)

If you want to save the information from an entire course into one file, you can back up your course.  Backing up your course regularly and saving the file to another location (e.g. Google Drive and/or an external hard drive) is a best practice to ensure continuity in the unlikely event of loss of access to our Moodle host. It is also useful if you wish to use the same course in a different Moodle instance or test changes to your course.

1. In the course you wish to backup, go to Course Management drop-down menu by clicking on the 3-gear icon in the top navigation bar.

2. Under the Course Settings column, select Backup.

Location of link to backup a Moodle course

3. This will take you to the Initial Settings page that allows you to pick the elements of your course that you wish to back up. The default setting automatically checks nearly everything in your course. You are able to uncheck anything you do not wish to back up. When you are finished, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Jump to Final Step if you want a complete backup of everything and skip to Step 6. If you want to select just some activities and resources, click Next.

4. The next page, called Schema Settings, shows you the specific resources and activities you may wish to save. The default setting automatically checks everything in your course. Again, you may uncheck anything you do not wish to back up. When finished, click Next.

5. The next page simply shows you a summary of everything you are backing up. Look over the summary and, if the summary looks good, click Perform backup at the bottom of the page.

6. When the backup is done, the next page should say “The backup was successfully created”. Click Continue.

7. Moodle will redirect you to the Restore page that will show you the course that you just backed up as a zipped file. Use the Download link to save a zip copy of the course to your computer.  This file can then be restored in a different Moodle instance.

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