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(Last Updated On: April 22, 2019)

Create an Audio Recording Assignment on Moodle

How to create an assignment on Moodle for students to turn in MP3 files.

  1. On your course home page, click Turn Editing On.
  2. Then click   in the section of the course page where you would like the students’ audio recordings to appear.
  3. Select the Quiz activity; then click Add at the bottom of the pop-up window.

4. This will redirect you to a page where, in the General section, you can enter the name and a description of the audio assignment. Under Timing,  you may also dictate when students will be allowed to upload their files and when the assignment is due. After selecting the desired settings, click   which will take you to the quiz so questions can be added.

5. Next, click  in order to add speaking assignment questions.

6. On the far right side, there is a drop-down Add menu. Click on that and select the option to add A New Question.

7. In order to allow audio submissions in these questions, select Essay for question type. Then select Add at the bottom of the pop-up window.

8. Create your questions based on the speaking requirements you want to evaluate, putting the the instructions in the box labeled Question Text. 

9. Under Response Options, make sure that the Response format is set to HTML editor with file picker, and that under Require text, it is set to Text input is optional. Also under Response options, make sure that at least one attachment is allowed.

10. Click Save Changes, and go to preview your quiz. Under the preview, the response box should have an option to record audio files.

11. To record audio, click the microphone icon which will then bring up a pop-up in which you select Start Recording. When you are finished speaking, click Stop Recording.

12. Once you are satisfied with your recording, click Submit Recording as Annotation.

13. Then the quiz is able to be submitted for grading.