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(Last Updated On: October 26, 2015)

If you would like to record attendance directly in Moodle, there is a quick way which involves minimal setup.

1. Basic Setup

Click the Turn Editing On button on your main course page. 

Click Add an activity or resource under the main course heading.

Add Activity Click

Then click Attendance.

Add Attendance

Under the Attendance Setup, you can name your Attendance sheet, choose your grading scale, and customize other options. Click Save and display.

Add Attendance Setup



2. Add a Session

You have to add a session before you are able to take attendance. To add a session of attendance, click Add.

Add Sessions ClickThere is the option to create multiple sessions within a time period on recurring days, which is useful if you want to take attendance regularly. To set this up, check Create multiple sessions. Then choose the session date and time, the duration of the class period, and the session end date, as well as on what days the class occurs. If your class meets every week, leave frequency at 1 (if every other week, frequency = 2; every third week, frequency = 3, etc). When you are done, click Add session.

Add Session

3. Delete Sessions

If there are certain sessions that you’d like to delete (for example, if a class falls on a holiday), then navigate to the Sessions tab where all the sessions are listed. There are three different ways to delete sessions:

1) Click the X to delete individual sessions.

2) Click the checkboxes to select multiple sessions, then choose Delete from the dropdown box and click OK.

3) Click the checkbox in the heading, which will select all sessions. Then choose Delete and click OK.

DSSA_CC_SB  Attendance

If you accidentally deleted a session that you did not mean to delete, you can navigate back to Add and create a session for the specific date that you deleted.

4. Change Grading Settings

To change the grading settings of your attendance, click Settings.

Settings Click

Here you can change the description of the Variables, their acronyms, and how many points the student will get for each variable.

Attendance Settings


5. View Sessions/Take Attendance

To view your current sessions and to take attendance, click Sessions.

Sessions ClickThe green arrow and the orange-colored font show that attendance has been recorded. The green dot and the black font show that attendance has not yet been recorded. Click on the green dot to record attendance.

Taking Attendance Click

To select an Attendance grade for all students, click the corresponding orange letter. Then you can choose the P, L, E, or A radio-buttons to change the grade for individual students and add remarks if desired. Make sure to click Save attendance at the end.

Mark Attendance



6. View Attendance Report

To quickly view a report of your students’ attendance, click Report.

Report Click

You can filter by Day, Weeks, Months, or All to show the record and grades for your students.

View Summary

Hint: If you would like students to not see their attendance grade, navigate to the course home and click Turn Editing On. Next to the attendance icon, click Edit, then Hide. The text will turn grey and the attendance report will be accessible only to you.

hide attendance



7. Export Attendance Report

To export this information into an Excel or Office document, click Export.

Export ClickChoose which settings you wish to export.



If you have any questions regarding the set-up of attendance, please email, and we will help you with your request.