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(Last Updated On: October 18, 2018)

Each user may have his or her own blog within Moodle, where one may add posts submitted through Moodle or link posts from external blogging platforms to appear within your Moodle blog.

To get to the blog functions to begin your personal Moodle blog, go to your profile tab in the upper right hand corner and select Profile. This will take you to a small dashboard where you will click Blog entries under “Miscellaneous.” From there, select Add a new entry to begin blogging.

External Blogs in Moodle: External blog entries, from Blogger or WordPress, for example, can be included in your Moodle blog. To do this, go to your profile drop-down tab in the upper right corner, select Preferences and under the main heading Blogs select Register and external blog.

When finished registering your external blog, select Save changes.

To delete the assignment, please see this post.