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(Last Updated On: December 23, 2016)

Presentation View is a tool for creating, editing, and previewing presentations from your Global Crossroads project. Content is arranged in Groups, which you can rearrange and title like chapters in your media essay. Group titles will appear on the Global Forum media wall in one display option called “linear display,” but not in the full wall display. Resources at the bottom can be dragged into Groups and arranged for sequenced display. Removing a resource from a Group does not remove it from the project.

You can do a final check using the Slideshow to make sure texts aren’t cut off and that they say what you intend. See an example of an unedited slide below. Final editing is done in the Presentation tool, after clicking the little editing button for each resource.

Changes made in Presentation View will not affect the original resources.

Changes in Resource View will also not affect slides in Presentation view unless they are reloaded.

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 9.52.23 AM

When you click the edit button in Presentation View, a popup editing window allows you to abridge texts longer than the required limit for presentation. For instance, in an Image resource, the “Primary Text” field represents the caption of a photograph. It has a 50 character (including spaces) limit. This field should only be used to identify the image not to further your argument. The “Secondary Text” should credit the source of the image. Both of these fields automatically load from the resource.

The text fields should be edited down or rewritten to say exactly what you want to appear on the slide, and on the Global Forum media wall.

An Image resource has a 50 character limits. Other resources may have 140 characters. The number is indicated near the “Primary Text” and the “Secondary Text” fields, and they will only accept the maximum amount.