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(Last Updated On: December 23, 2016)

Resources and Assertions are the fundamental building blocks of project content in Global Crossroads. Every resource you create for your own project is immediately shared by the whole community of users in Global Crossroads. Therefore, you must be thoughtful and thorough in the selection and input of your resources. In creating your own project, you can also use resources created by others. Assertions are created within a project and cannot be shared or used by others.

When you login to Global Crossroads, you will see a series of projects listed in the middle of the screen, with a control bar on the top right of the screen (pictured below). Begin by selecting the Create >> New Resource.

This will take you to a page with the following options: 

A resource can be a Link, Image (.jpg or .png), Document (.doc or .pdf), Audio Clip (SoundCloud), Video Clip (Vimeo), Quote, or Data (.jpg, .png, or a statement of fact). Assertions are text only.

Elements of an Image Resource

Excerpt/Text is the “title” of the resource itself. It has a 1000 character limit, but it should only be used for describing the content, not for advancing a point in your project. In Presentation View, you will have chance to edit it to 50 characters as a caption for display on the Global Forum media wall.

Note: Read and follow advice text. A small image can be uploaded, but it will look bad in display.

Provide real Credit/Citation information, and not a URL or single word, such as Flickr.

If the resource was found online, provide a Source URL that links directly back to that source. If it’s from a periodical, use a persistent URL that will not time out with the next edition.

Put in the Location that is represented in the resource. It will be tagged to a geo-location in Map View.

Select a Topic tag from the menu of options.

Type in a few Keywords that will make your resource searchable by others in Global Crossroads.

Tips for Quote Resources

Quote Resources are similar to Image Resources. However, here are several tips for Quote Resources:

The Excerpt/Text of a quote is the full text (1000 characters) of a passage readable in Resource View. It will need to be reduced to 140 characters in Presentation View to be displayed in Slide Show and the Global Forum media wall.

Text should be entered without quotation marks.

Quote text is not searchable, so Keywords are important.


In a Global Crossroads project, Assertions serve to advance a narrative or make points of argument about the Thesis/Question from the project author’s point of view.

Assertions are text (140 characters) keyed in to the Excerpt/Text field. Foreign language characters can be copied and pasted from another source. Formatting will not appear.