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(Last Updated On: December 23, 2016)

A Dispatch is like a digital postcard, a short form media project in Global Crossroads consisting of a single media resource, such as a photograph or video clip, and a brief (140 character) accompanying message. It gives students and faculty abroad or out in the field a means to share work and experiences with friends and colleagues back at Oxy. Published Dispatches appear automatically on the Global Crossroads web application Home Page and are curated for display on the Global Forum media wall. Dispatch content, such as photographs, can be included by the original author, or other users, in Global Crossroads Projects.

Elements of an Image Dispatch

There are several types of Dispatch. Select the appropriate one in the Dispatch Type option.

Your Message is a thoughtful reflection on your work or experience. This will appear on the Global Forum media wall.

Elaborate on your experience in the Details section. This will appear in the Global Crossroads web app Home Page.

If you upload Media to the Dispatch, read and follow advice text. A small image can be uploaded, but it will look bad in display. Make sure to edit your thumbnail, by clicking the Set Thumbnail button after you upload and highlighting a small, recognizable portion of your image.

Enter the Location that is represented in the Dispatch. It will be tagged to a geo-location in Map View.

Select a Topic tag from the menu of options.

Type in a few Keywords that will make your Dispatch searchable by others in Global Crossroads.