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Academic Technology

Learning technologies can range from decisions about chalkboards versus whiteboards, to learning management systems and online activities, to fully digital projects and publication. We continually investigate technology resources that resonate with and support liberal arts learning.

Resource List

Living in the digital panopticon: The state of your rights in the digital world

The conversation about government overreach into the private lives of innocent citizens generally centers around one individual whistle blower (or, depending on your point of view, "cowardly traitor"). The current war on whistle blowers is all the more alarming given...
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National Cyber Security Awareness Month: Trivial Pursuits

This was something I wanted to do last year but didn't have the time to do it right.  I think I have a good batch that will hopefully by challenging and enlightening.  Answers are presented below the questions in white text - to see the answer, highlight the block of...
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Street Smart vs. Book Smart – Revisiting Operational Security

Last week, I briefly introduced the term "operational security". If using anti-malware software, installing security updates and keeping your data backed up are the "book smarts" of cyber security, operational security represents the "street smarts". And as you can...
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Of Death and Taxes: What To Do If (When) Your Identity is Stolen

So remember when you send that job application to the Federal Government? Or when you had health insurance from Blue Cross? Or that time when... well... you know? Or really, just pick any reason out of a hat. Basically, what I'm saying is that there are two types of...
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Chasing the McGuffin: What Are You Trying to Protect?

Information security, very broadly, concerns itself with three main principles: Confidentiality - information is only available on a need to know basis. Integrity - the information, when accessed, is accurate and has not been tampered with. Availability - the...
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Highlighted Tools

Poll Everywhere


Use poll everywhere for in class quizzes and polls that students (or other audiences) can answer from their laptops or smart phones.

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Qualtrics is Oxy’s campus wide survey design and distribution platform.

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Moodle is our learning management system and is used by faculty and students to share course materials, upload assignments, create class discussion forums and more.

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Bibliographic Management and Citation


collect, manage, share and generate citations for research


link to Oxy’s library catalog and resources from anywhere on the web

Media and Audio Production

Adobe Creative Suite

located on computers in the Critical Making Studio and oMac Lab, ground floor of the Academic Commons


professional grade digital audio workstation, Critical Making Studio Audio Booth

Logic X

level up from Garage Band to Logic X, Critical Making Studio Audio Booth

Data Analysis and Visualization

ArcGIS Online

work with maps and geospatial data


statistical analysis tool, available on public computers and for classroom use in Brown Lab and oMac Lab


mixed methods and qualitative analysis tools

Tableau Public

data sharing and visualization


open source statistical tool


quantitative analysis software, located on public computers and available for classroom use in Brown Lab and oMac Lab

Content Management and Web Publication

Wordpress logo

Create your own wordpress in OxyCreates

Oxy Creates is a workspace for all Oxy students, faculty and staff to do their own webhosting. The most popular use is to create wordpress sites for clubs, projects or classes.

Global Crossroads Logo

Global Crossroads

The Global Crossroads web app is a content authoring platform for Oxy students, faculty, and staff to create, share and display research in progress on the McKinnon Center media wall.

Scalar Logo


Scalar, developed at USC, is a web authoring tool that allows users to create media-rich long form scholarly work.

Omeka logo


Omeka is a tool that allows users to create collections and online exhibits of digital resources.