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Our team is available to facilitate group sessions covering a wide variety of topics related to research, teaching, and learning with technology.

In-Class Workshops

Consultants also offer workshops at faculty request during their regular class meeting time to help students at any stage of the research process, from evaluating information sources, to more advanced searching of major search engines like Google, to find materials for media projects, to managing citations with Zotero, to using databases and writing literature reviews for seminar papers, to finding and selecting primary sources and on-line datasets, to data visualization for research presentations.

Special Workshops

Need help outside the normal class period? Consultants can build workshops tailored to your needs. In addition, students can organize themselves and schedule workshops outside of class.

CSP Workshops

We work closely with CSP faculty to design sessions related to research during students’ first year. Contact to request one of the sessions below or to arrange a session that meets your needs.

Library Resources and Research (Fall Semester)

This session focuses on a general introduction library resources and research for first years at Occidental. Its two main goals are 1) to connect students with people and places that will help them access research resources and 2) engage students in processes that help them to identify their research information needs and to choose relevant and useful tools to meet those needs.

Identifying Sources and Evidence (Spring Semester)

This session reviews the distinction between primary and secondary sources, using a hypothetical assignment based on your CSP syllabus. Students then generate concept maps of keywords related to their hypothetical research topic. Students then practice searching for information in an array of library owned and open online resources in order to then discuss the evidentiary value of the resources they find.

Understanding and Managing Citations

We introduce students to Zotero, a browser-based tool for collecting, managing, and citing sources. Through teaching this tool, we explain the various components of citations, their purpose, and when to use them.

Finding a Book on the Shelf

We introduce students to the library catalog and help them make sense of results for physical items. We then offer students a guided tour of Oxy’s library stacks, asking them to find print sources relevant to their CSP work.

Multimodal Communication

We offer academic and technical support for courses using alternative and interactive media for research assignments. This support includes workshops on content, tools, information management, and issues of copyright and fair use. While the specific technologies may vary, we have in the past offered support for ArtStor, WordPress, iMovie, podcasting, Google Sites, and Wikipedia.