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Do you have a personal email account and an Oxy email account? Do you work at multiple institutions and have multiple work addresses? Do you have email accounts just for trying new sites? Do you have trouble keeping all of your accounts and their passwords organized? One way to solve this problem is to forward all of your email accounts to one address. For example, I have the following email addresses:

  • My primary gmail account
  • My oxy gmail account
  • My email accounts from institutions where I was once a student and/or employed but am no longer
  • My email accounts associated with various online communities I am a part of
  • My throwaway email account I use to signup on shopping sites and other

Rather than sign onto all of these accounts every day to check them, I forward them all to my primary gmail account and sort my incoming mail. In this way, I don’t have to worry about missing important email. Setting up forwarding is simple process and requires you to change a few settings on both email accounts. The instructions are different for different email clients (Gmail, Outlook, etc.), but it is often worthwhile to set up if you have many email accounts that you need to check every day.

One important consideration to take into account, however, is privacy and legal restrictions. Some information may not be appropriate to forward from an internal email account owned by an institution to an external account hosted by, for example, Google. For example, if you work with patients at a hospital, it may not be appropriate to forward emails with sensitive information to your personal email. If you have questions about these issues, consult those at the institution. At Oxy, we respect students’ privacy and FERPA and any consideration of forwarding email should keep these issues in mind.