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Introducing Students to Academic Research

Incoming students are used to re-sharing, remixing and creating their own information in a digital environment. We help students translate their skills to an academic context, to identify fake news and bias, and to understand the value of books and academic sources. We believe information literacy is more important than ever in shaping our students as informed citizens and lifelong learners.

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Navigating Information Overload

As students advance to directed and independent research they, like many of us, struggle more with how to choose relevant information than to find information. This problem is compounded by the proliferation of for-profit content sources and the shift to commercial outlets for academic publication. Despite the promise of Google, there is no single portal to high-quality and relevant information for academic research. We’ve developed these research guides organized by discipline to help you locate materials at Oxy.

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The Future of Libraries

We work with colleagues in Oxy's library and across regional and national institutions to understand, reflect upon and chart the future of academic libraries in the digital age