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The new Moodle version for the 2016-2017 academic year includes several new enhancements that offer added functionality.

Show or Hide the Upload/Last Modified Date of a File

Moodle now allows you to show the date that a file on a Moodle course was uploaded or last modified.  By default, the time stamp will not show, but this can be useful for documents that are subject to change as a course progresses, like the syllabus.

Enabled date stamp on uploaded file

Enabling the date stamp will allow students to see when a document was revised or uploaded.

Refer to the tutorial, Show or Hide the “Date Uploaded” or “Last Modified” Stamp on Uploaded Files for more information.

Drag and Drop Images into the Text Editor

Moodle now allows you to drag and drop images straight from your computer into a text box that you are editing. For example, you can add an image to a section of your course by editing the section and dragging an image into the text box on the edit section page:

drag and drop image from computer

Dragging and dropping an image straight into a text box allows you to upload a picture to display in the text.


For full information, including how to ensure your images are accessible and ADA compliant, visit the tutorial Drag and Drop Images into the Text Editor for more information.

New Quiz Question Types: Drag and Drop Onto Image, Drag and Drop Into Text, and Select Missing Words

Moodle has some new quiz question types. They can be selected when adding a new question to a quiz. To add a new question to a quiz, first turn on editing in your Moodle course. Then, click the dropdown arrow next to your quiz and click “edit settings.”

Edit quiz settings

Next, in the “Administration” block on the left hand side of the page, click “edit quiz.”

Edit quiz

Next, click on the “Add” dropdown arrow on the edit quiz page, and click “Add new question.”

Drag and Drop Into Text

The “Drag and Drop Into Text” question type allows instructors to ask students to drag text into the right places in a paragraph or sentences of your choosing.Drag and drop text question appearance

Refer to the full tutorial, Drag and Drop Into Text Quiz Question Type for more instructions.

Select Missing Words

The “Select Missing Words” question type allows you to create a question where students have to choose the right word that falls into blank spaces. It is very similar to the “drag and drop text” question type, and is set up in the same way.

Select missing words appearance


Refer to the full tutorial, Select Missing Words Quiz Question Type for more information.

Drag and Drop onto Image

Drag and drop onto image

Drag and drop onto image question type

The “Drag and Drop onto Image”question type requires students to drag answers onto the right location on an image.

Refer to the full tutorial, Drag and Drop onto Image Question Type for more instructions.

Moodle Help

For help with Moodle, visit the online documentation, drop by for open office hours in the Brown Lab (Fall 2016: Mondays 10-11, Thursdays 3-4), or email