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(Last Updated On: August 19, 2019)

Course instructors are assigned the role of Professor for their courses.  Students in the class have the role of Student.  As you create your course, you may want to review the student view of the course to ensure things appear as you expect. To switch roles:

1. In the upper right corner by your name, click on the arrow to reveal a drop-down menu.  Select Switch role to… at the bottom of the menu. This will reveal other roles you can view. Typically, you would only be interested in selecting Student.

Menu selector to switch role in Moodle

2. In the right-hand corner of the top navigation bar, you will notice an indication that you are in Student role just below your name.

3. To return to your normal role, go to the same drop-down menu and select Return to my normal role.

Return to normal role