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If you have multiple sections of the same course, you can save time by combining them into a single Moodle course site.  This enables you to only have to manage one Moodle site.  To request the merging of two courses into a single site, send your request to

If different instructors will be responsible for teaching the different sections, you can still have a single merged course, but separate the sections into Groups.  The separation into groups can be done at the point of combining the courses.  Once the Groups are created, there are a couple of steps to take to ensure that you can sort assignments by section for the purposes of grading.

1. Go to Administration > Edit course settings > Groups > Group mode. From the drop down mode, select either Separate groups or Visible groups.  For the purposes of sorting grading tasks in an Assignment, the choice doesn’t matter.  Where it does matter is in Forums.

Setting Group Mode in a Moodle course

2. Now when you create any activity in your Moodle course, this will serve as the default Group mode for the activity.  If you had already created an assignment before changing this setting at the course level, you can change it at the assignment level by going to Assignment administration > Edit settings > Common module settings > Group mode and changing the selection in the drop down menu accordingly.

Setting Group Mode for a Moodle Assignment

3. After students have submitted their assignments and you are ready to begin grading, click on the assignment. You should see a drop down menu labeled Visible groups.  From here, select the Group of students you wish to grade and click on View/grade all assignments.

View Assignments by Group

If you neglected to select a group before clicking on View/grade all assignments, you can still sort by group on the Grading page.  Just below the Grading actions menu, you will again see a Visible groups drop-down menu.

Visible Groups Menu on the Grading Page

From this page, if you select the option to Download all submissions from the Grading actions menu, you will only download those submissions for the selected Group.