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(Last Updated On: October 16, 2018)

Rubrics are useful for instructors to grade assignments, and using Moodle you may create or append a rubric for any of your assignments.

1. After creating an assignment (How to do this: Link), click on the assignment you want to create a rubric for.

2. Go over to the left side of the page, and under the Administration block, go to Assignment Administration, the first tab in the block, and click on Advanced grading.

3. Click on the dropdown labeled with Change active grading method to: and click Rubric.

4. If this is the first rubric you have made in Moodle, click Define new grading form from scratch. If you have made a rubric already in Moodle you would like to use, click Create a new grading form from a template.

If you selected the Create a new grading form from a template option:

5. Check the box titled “include my own forms,” and search for the title of the rubric you are using.

6. Click Use this form as a template and then Continue on the Confirm popup.

If you selected the Define new grading form from scratch option:

5. The editor lets you set the rubric form name, the description and the rubric itself. You may also add new criteria and levels, delete them and change the criteria order. There are several rubric options that can be configured, too. For each criterion, the criterion description should be filled. For each level, the level definition and the number of points associated with the level should be specified. Neither the criterion description nor the level definition text fields support embedded images yet. When you are done, click Save.