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(Last Updated On: June 28, 2017)

There are multiple ways to provide feedback to your students when using quizzes. We will look at the three that are most widely used: Deferred Feedback, Immediate Feedback, and Interactive Feedback.

To select your feedback type, navigate to your quiz and click Edit Settings in the Administration box on the left of your window. Scroll down to the heading Question Behavior. The default is “Deferred feedback.”quiz feedback1. Deferred Feedback

Deferred Feedback is the simplest form of feedback. Students answer all quiz questions, click Next, then Submit all and finish to receive their results and/or grade. Based on your other settings, students may be able to retake the entire quiz multiple times or not at all.

This is the default feedback option, so there is no need to make any changes.

2. Immediate Feedback

Immediate Feedback differs from Deferred Feedback, in that students can answer a quiz question and click Check to see if their answer was right or wrong. Once students click Check, they cannot change their answer for that question. Immediate feedback is particularly useful is you wish students to learn while taking the quiz, as they can check their answer and adjust their thinking for the next question.

Click “Immediate Feedback” in the dropdown box to select this question behavior.

3. Interactive Feedback

The third type of feedback is called “Interactive Feedback with multiple tries.” It is very similar to Immediate Feedback, but after students click Check, they are able to retry the question until they answer correctly. Partial points can be awarded for second and third guesses, which is useful when you want to reward students for attempting the question again. This type of feedback, like the Immediate Feedback, facilitates learning while students are taking the quiz.

Click “Interactive Feedback with multiple tries” in the dropdown box to select this question behavior.

An example question could be “What is 4*3?” Let’s select a wrong answer to see what happens. Click Check.Interactive Feedback QuizSpecific feedback appears to the right of the wrong answer. You can also create Hints that appear above the Try Again button to help students with their next attempt.
Interactive Feedback Quiz1To create feedback, navigate to the editing page for each question. Under the heading Answers, you have the Choice # box and the Feedback box, in which you can type a custom message, perhaps explaining why that answer is incorrect.

Editing a Multiple choice question2 To create hints, navigate to the editing page for the question and scroll down to Multiple tries. Here you can choose how much partial credit each reattempt will earn. Under Hint 1 and Hint 2, type the hint that you wish to display after the first and second incorrect attempts. If desired, click Add another hint to add a third or fourth hint. Make sure to Save changes.Editing a Multiple choice questionNow, when a student attempts the question for the second time, 33.33333% is deducted, and they receive partial credit.Interactive Feedback Quiz2