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(Last Updated On: July 30, 2021)

In Fall 2021, the College developed a new Shared Academic Integrity Commitment. Each Moodle course site now contains by default a Questionnaire activity in the top section area that asks students to affirm they will abide by the College’s Shared Academic Integrity Commitment.

Student View

Students will see the activity in the top section area, with the request to complete by the end of the first day of class.

Shared Academic Integrity Commitment Moodle Questionnaire link.

After clicking the link, they are taken to a page that has the button Answer the questions. Note that instructors will not see this button and are not able to answer the questionnaire.

Answer the questions button.

The next page will show the actual text of the Commitment and allow the student to indicate their affirmation.

Shared Academic Integrity Commitment text.

After submission, students receive a thank you message.

Thank you message for completing the questionnaire.

The Questionnaire has Activity Completion enabled, so that once they have submitted their response, a green check mark will be visible for them on the course homepage.

Instructor View

Instructors are able to view who has and has not responded to the Questionnaire. In the latter case, the instructor can easily send a reminder email to those students.

After clicking on the Questionnaire activity from the course homepage, you will see a link that invites you to View all responses.

Link to view all responses.

Click on the Non-respondents tab.

Non-respondents tab

Select the students whom you wish to send a message to and use the boxes at the bottom of the page to compose a subject line and message text.