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(Last Updated On: August 19, 2019)

Moodle’s Announcements feature is a convenient way for you to communicate to students with timely information.  Use it, for example, to make announcements about changes to the schedule, reminders about upcoming assignments or any other information you want to communicate to the entire class.  By posting it to the Announcements forum in Moodle, you’ll have more time in class for teaching.

Announcements is available by default in every Moodle course.  You will find a link to it posted at the top of your course page:

Moodle Announcements forum link

Announcements also can be displayed as a Block in the right column labeled Latest News:

Latest News block

There are two ways to add an announcement:

The first way is to click on the Announcements link at the very top of your main course page (see screen shot above). From there, select Add a new topic. 

Add new topic button

Alternatively, if you have installed the Latest News Block you can click on Add a new topic in the block.

Add new topic in the latest news block 

Once on the general Announcements page, enter the subject and content of your message in the corresponding fields. This is a “rich text editor”, meaning that you can change the text in the body of your message much like you can in a word processor.  You can also add links and embed images, audio or video.

Example of a forum post

3. When you are ready to post your message, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Post to forum.  All students in your class are automatically subscribed to the forum, so they will receive an email whenever you post a new item to the forum.  Note: a course must first be published in order for Announcements posts to be delivered by email.

post to forum button

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