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There are multiple methods for locating your courses


From the Moodle home page, click on the Dashboard button located below the Oxy banner.

Dashboard button


Under the Course Overview section, select the Courses tab.

Dashboard course list










Within the Courses tab, you can select between In progress, Future, and Past courses.

  • In progress – This will list your current courses from the active semester as well as Moodle sites with no specific end date (e.g. administrative or organizational sites such as Faculty Council or Center for Teaching Excellence).
  • Future – Course shells for Moodle are usually loaded shortly before the registration period the semester before they start. Once they are loaded and up until the official start of the semester, you can find them in the Future section. This is the easiest way to locate courses you need to prepare before the start of the semester.
  • Past – At the end of the semester, In progress courses will automatically be switched over to the Past section. Depending on how long you have been teaching at Oxy, this may get to be a pretty long list.

My courses Drop-Down Menu

Courses that are both In progress and “published” (i.e. made visible to students) can be quickly accessed via the My courses drop-down menu located in the top navigation bar. This is easiest way to locate your currently active courses that you have published.

My Courses Drop Down Menu





My courses sidebar

On the Moodle homepage down the right side you will also see a My courses sidebar list of your courses. The top of the list will show any currently visible courses (current semester, immediate past semester and any sites with no end date). These are all in orange font. Below that, hidden courses will be listed in reverse chronological order in grey text. In order to determine the semester of a course, hover over the course name with the cursor and text will appear showing the course “short name”. For help interpreting this standard naming convention for courses, see the tutorial on course naming convention.

My courses sidebar with highlighted hover text











“Breadcumbs” Bar

Across the top of the top of the course page, you will find the “breadcrumbs” bar. The clickable links in the breadcrumbs bar are hierarchically arranged and indicate the context path for your page. This is useful ensuring which version (i.e. what semester) of a Moodle course you are currently in.

Course breadcrumbs

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