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(Last Updated On: October 16, 2018)

Navigation Block

The Navigation block, located on the right side of the home page in Moodle, is the easiest way to navigate to your courses.

1. The Home page is where you land when you first log in to Moodle. This page contains general site-wide announcements and useful links for instructors and students.



2. Selecting the My courses arrow expands a list of your courses organized by semester and department. Note here you can only view courses you are currently instructing or enrolled in and courses from the past semester.


1. Selecting Dashboard will take you to a Course Overview page that shows your courses and any issues that need attention. If you select the Courses tab to view your courses, you may view your courses separated by In Progress, Future, and Past.

a. Note that there may be “courses” that are officially listed under the In progress tab that may not be in progress— for example, students are able to view the Card Office Picture Submission “course” as in progress for all their years at Occidental.

b. Also note that students may only view current courses and courses from their past semester, whereas faculty have access to courses from prior semesters as well as courses for future semesters.


2. When you are in a course, the Navigation block moves to the top left corner of the page and includes a menu option for information specific to that course.

Navigation Bar

At the top of your course page below the title of your course, you will find the navigation bar, horizontally located across from the Turn editing on button. The links in the navigation bar are hierarchically arranged and indicate the categories the current page you’re on is listed under. You can click these to go back to any of the sections the current page you are on is is under.