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The Gradebook can accommodate extra credit.  It’s important to note that you can only mark items or categories as extra credit if the aggregation method being used for the course or the sub-category where the extra credit is being added is set to Natural or Simple Weighted Mean (the default for all courses and categories is Natural).

1. Go to the Gradebook setup page.

2. Click on the Add grade item button.

Add Grade Item button

3. Give your extra credit item a name and the maximum number of extra credit points available.

Fields to add grade item name and maximum value

4. You will be returned to the Gradebook setup page and you may notice that the course total and the weights for each assignment have changed.  Go to the Edit menu for the assignment you just added and select Edit settings.

Edit settings of a grade item

5. In the Parent category section, tick the Extra credit box and click Save changes.

Extra credit check box

6. You will be returned to the Gradebook setup page.  Now you will see that the course total will not include the value of the extra credit assignment and the weights will be readjusted to their original value.  A grade item or category that has been marked as extra credit will have a plus sign next to the max grade value in the Gradebook setup page.

Extra credit icon