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You can embed media to your course page in order to share such elements as audio recordings and videos. Media can be embedded anywhere you use the text editor, including in Labels, Pages, Assignment Descriptions, Quizzes, Forums, etc.

To embed media, select the Moodle Media icon in the text editor toolbar.

Insert Moodle Media Icon


Selecting Moodle Media will generate a pop up box that will allow you to select the media you would like to embed.

If the video you wish to add comes from another website (e.g. Vimeo or YouTube), copy and paste the URL for the video in the box provided, add a title, and click the Insert media button.

Insert media using URL

Back in the text editor, the video will appear as a link.

YouTube video link

But once you click on Save changes the video will display in Moodle.

Embedded YouTube Video

If the video you wish to embed does not appear after adding the URL as described above, the title you added will appear as a link in Moodle and clicking on it will take the user to the video.

If the video you wish to add exists as a file on your computer, click the Browse repositories button on the Insert media dialog box.

Insert video using repositories

In the File picker dialog box that opens, select Upload file in the left menu and click the Choose file button in the middle of the screen.

Upload file using file picker

Select your video file from your computer.

Once the video file has been uploaded, you will be returned to the Insert media dialog box.  Add a title for the video and click the Insert media button.

Add title to video file

As in the example of adding a video using a URL, the file name will appear in the text editor.  Once you click on Save changes, however, the video will be embedded in the course.