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(Last Updated On: June 25, 2020)

This page covers some of the many different ways you can embed videos in our Moodle site. Note that these instructions apply to video content that is not hosted in Panopto. You can embed media to your course page in order to share such elements as audio recordings and videos. Media can be embedded anywhere you use the text editor, including in Labels (How to use Labels: Link), Pages (Link), Assignment Descriptions, Quizzes (Link), Forums (Link), etc.

1. To embed media, select the  icon next to the page or activity. 

Selecting this will generate a pop up box that will allow you to select multiple resources.

Method 1 – Embedding From a website:

2. If the video you wish to add comes from another website (e.g. Vimeo or YouTube), copy and paste the URL for the video in the box provided, add a name, and/or description.

If you want the video to directly on the page, rather than being directed to an external site, click the insert media  icon. Under the video tab, you can paste the same url in the box provided.Back in the text editor, the video will appear as both a link and video clip.

Method 2 – Embedding from a file on your computer:

2. If the video you wish to add exists as a file on your computer, click the File button in the previous activities 

3. In the File picker dialog box, select File button in the same previous resources tab.

4 Select your video file from your computer.

5. Once the video file has been uploaded, click on Save and Display.