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In addition to the Annotate PDF feature that allows you to markup assignments submitted as a PDF directly within Moodle, you can also download all assignments submitted in other file formats (e.g. Word), mark them up with comments/feedback (e.g. using Track Changes), and then upload them in bulk to Moodle to return them to your students.

1. Go to the assignment by clicking on its name where it is listed in the topic view on your course homepage. This will take you to a summary of assignments that have been submitted, and assignments that need grading.

2. On the left-hand side of the page, there is an Administration box, and at the bottom is an option to Download all submissions. Click this.

3. You will prompted to save a zip file that includes all submissions.  Choose a location to save the file and click Save.

Save zip file of all submissions

4. Unzip the file by double clicking on it.  You will now have a folder in the same location and in that folder will be your students’ individual submissions.

5. Open a student’s file. You can now provide feedback on student submissions (e.g. for Word documents, insert comments and/or use Track Changes.)  Repeat for each submission.  Save the individual files without changing the names of the files.

6. Select the files you have edited and wish to upload to Moodle and zip them into a single compressed file (instructions for Windows 7 and Mac OSX).

7. Return to the Assignment grading summary page, and select View all submissions. From there, select Upload multiple feedback files in a zip from the Grading action drop-down menu.

8. Drag and drop the zip file into the upload field or use the Choose a file button to select the file.  Then click Import feedback file(s) button.

Import feedback files

9. The next page allows you to confirm the feedback file names associated with each student.  If everything matches your expectations, click Confirm.

Confirm feedback files import

10. The next page shows you the actions that took place.  Click the Continue button.

Feedback files import report

12. This brings you back to the Assignment grading page.  Scrolling to the right, under the Feedback files column, you can see the feedback files you submitted for your students.

Feedback files column

13. Note, the process of uploading multiple feedback files is independent of assigning a grade.  To give a grade for the assignment that will appear in the Gradebook, see this tutorial.

14. Students can retrieve the feedback file by going to the Assignment from the course homepage.  At the bottom of the page is a Feedback section, which includes any feedback files submitted by the instructor.

Student view of submitted feedback files