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The Moodle site for the 2017-2018 academic year has upgraded to its latest version.

  1. Go to the assignment by clicking on its name where it is listed in the topic view on your course homepage. Next you will see two buttons, one that says View all submissions and one that says grade. Click the View all submissions buttonThis is a link that will take you to a grid of student names, submissions, options for grading and file uploading.
  2. From the Grading action drop-down menu, select Download all submissions.

3. Unzip the file by double clicking on it.  You will now have a folder in the same location and in that folder will be your students’ individual submissions.

4. Open a student’s file. You can now provide feedback on student submissions (e.g. for Word documents, insert comments and/or use Track Changes.)  Repeat for each submission.  Save the individual files without changing the names of the files.

5. Select the files you have edited and wish to upload to Moodle and zip them into a single compressed file (instructions for Windows 7 and Mac OSX).

6. Once you have all your edited zip files, return to the Assignment page, and select the View all submissions button again.

7. Here you are able to Upload multiple feedback files in a zip under Grading action drop-down menu again, add comments, and assign grades.