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The assignment module allows teachers to collect work from students, review it and provide feedback including grades. The work a student submits is visible only to the teacher and not to other students.

1. To create an assignment Turn editing on for your course page by clicking on the green box at the top of your course homepage.

Turn class editing on

2. ClickAdd Activity Click then select Assignment, and click Add.

Screenshot of the add content dialog box with "assignment" and "Add" highlighted.

3. Fill out the options for your specific assignment. The multiple assignment settings allow you to determine things like how many files can be submitted, when the assignment is due, if late submissions are allowed, if you want email notifications about each submitted assignment, and how the grade will display.

For example, under the Submission types field, you may decide whether you want students to submit a file (a .pdf or .doc, an audio recording, an image), submit online text (provides a rich text editor where a student may submit a response to a question), or both.  For file submissions, you can restrict the file types allowed by clicking the Choose button next to the option Accepted file types.

Screenshot of the "Submission Types" dialog box with the "Choose" button highlighted.

Then select the types of files you will allow from the list presented, and click Save changes.

Moodle List of Accepted File Types

You may also limit how many files each student is allowed to submit, place a cap on the size of these files, or set a word limit for online text submissions.

4. Once the assignment is created it will be featured on the course page under the heading block you chose at the beginning of the process. The assignment itself can be edited after it is made.

To delete the assignment, please see this post.

To add extensions to an assignment, please see in a new tab)