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Professors who use Moodle Gradebook are strongly encouraged to back up their grades. The most common way to back up grades in Moodle is to export grades to Excel.

Also see the tutorial for Downloading and Grading Assignments if backing up grades is a part of backing up all assignments in Moodle.

1. Once logged in and in the selected course. Click Grades on the settings menu.

2. Open the dropdown menu on the top left. This menu will have a subsection titled “Export,” under this heading you will have the option to export grades as a checklist, OpenDocument spreadsheet, Plain Text file, Excel spreadsheet, and XML file. Select “Export; Excel Spreadsheet”

Export Moodle Grader Report to Excel

3. An options window will open prompting you to choose what grades you’d like to export and how you would like them to appear in Excel. Check off which grades you want to be exported (all, Exam 1, Final, ect.), to what decimal you want them exported, whether you want the feedback you provided in Moodle to appear on the spreadsheet, and whether you want the grades to display as “real” (how they looked in Moodle), percentages, or letter grades.

Export Grades to Excel Settings Page

4. When done selecting what you want to export, click Download.

5. Open the download to view your grades in Excel.