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Create an Audio Recording Assignment on Moodle

How to create an assignment on Moodle for students to turn in their MP3 files.

1. On your course home page, click Turn Editing On.

2. Then click Add Activity Click in the section of the course page where you would like the students’ audio recordings to appear.

3. Select the Assignment activity. Then click Add at the bottom of the pop-up window.Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 11.42.34 AM

4. This will redirect you to a page where, in the General section, you can enter the name and a description of the assignment. Under Availability, you may also dictate when students will be allowed to upload their files and when the assignment is due.

5. Under Submission Types, select “Online PoodLL” for an audio recording, “File submissions” for a file submission, and/or “Online text” for a text box that can be directly typed into. Under PoodLL Rec. Type, leave the option as “MP3 Voice Recorder.” You can customize other options like Time LimitMaximum number of uploaded files, and Maximum submission size.Editing Assignment

6. In the Grade section, you may select how you wish to determine the grade of the assignment (out of 100 points or on a scale from Very Poor to Excellent) and which category the assignment will be listed under in the gradebook. Editing Assignment

7. After selecting the desired settings, click Save and return to course to add the assignment to your course.

8. Students will now be able to submit Audio Recordings within the Assignment. To view your student’s submissions, navigate to the Assignment and click View/grade all submissions. Assignment


Submit an Audio Assignment:

9. Go to the course’s main page, click on the assignment, then click on Add submission.Assignment1

10. A box should ask if you wish to allow or deny Moodle access to your microphone. Click Allow. If your browser asks you again, click Allow again.notif

11. To record audio, click the Record button. When you are finished recording, click Stop. Your recording will now be available for playback by using the Play button. Note: If you click Record after you’ve already recorded, your previous recording will be deleted. rec

12. Once you have a recording you wish to submit, click Save changes.