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Moodle quizzes are one of the more versatile activities that you can add to your course. There are many different question types and options for the administration method. For example, you can have a multiple choice quiz and set it so that Moodle randomly generates quizzes from your question pool.

There are two parts of Moodle quizzes: the quiz body and the question bank. When you create the quiz body, you can change the settings that will dictate how students see and interact with the quiz. Some of the settings for the quiz body are time limit, shuffle questions, number of attempts allowed, and grading method. The question bank is where you create the questions that can appear in the quiz body when your students take the quiz. You can create question pools with a variety of question types (multiple choice, true/false, short answer, etc…) and then you can add questions from the question bank into the quiz body.

Adding Quiz Body:

1. After clicking Turn editing on by clicking the green-colored pencil icon in the top navigation bar Add and activity or resourcethen select ^Quiz^from the pop-up window.

Select Quiz from the options

2. This will redirect you to a page where you can enter the name of the quiz, a description, and a number of options for how you want your quiz to appear to students.

3. When you have entered your quiz name and description and selected your desired settings, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save and return to course.

Creating Question Bank:

1. Once you have created your quiz body, you can add questions to the quiz by clicking on the name of your quiz form your course page. You will be redirected to the quiz page. Click Edit quiz and you will be taken to the Editing Quiz page.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 11.59.44 AM

2. On the right side of the page, click the word Add.

Editing quiz Quiz 1

3. You can choose to add a new question, a question from your question bank, or a random question.

Editing quiz Quiz 2

a) Creating a new question- Click + a new question, choose the type of question you would like to create, then click Add. Fill in the Question name, Question Text, Answer, and any other information needed for the quiz question. Click Save changes, and you will be redirected to your Quiz page containing your new question.

Editing quiz Quiz 3

b) Adding a question from a question bankClick + from question bank, choose a category, check the boxes next to the question you want to include, then click Add selected questions to the quiz.Editing quiz Quiz 4

c) Adding a random question- Click + a random question, choose a category, the number of random questions desired, then click Add random question.

Editing quiz Quiz 5

4. After you select questions to add to your quiz body, return to your course page. These questions will appear when your students take your quiz.

If you would like to change how you provide feedback to students, please view this tutorial.

To delete a quiz, please see this post.