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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2019)

Labels allow you to use a rich text editor to add content to your page. The content may be formatted text, media, links, etc. This resource will create a rich text area on the main course page itself. Labels allow you to customize the appearance and content of your home page or other sub-pages.

1. In the top left of your course page using the green colored pencil icon, Turn editing on.

2. Click Add Activity Clickin the section you would like to add a label under.

3. Select Label from the pop-up menu.

Arrow pointing at Label in pop up menu

4. This will load a screen where you can name, describe, and create your label. Use this space to enter the text and other elements you wish to appear in your label.

Insert/edit image or Moodle media in a label

a. If you’d like to upload an image to appear in your label, select the “Insert/edit image” button and follow the prompts in the resulting window to embed your photo. Select “Find or upload an image” to upload your content, and when you’ve done so, click Save image at the bottom of the box.Upload/edit image window

b. If you instead wish to upload audio or video media into your label, select the “Insert Moodle media” button. Similar to the above, select “Find or upload song, video or applet…” and navigate to your media. When finished, click Insert media.

Insert Moodle media window

6. Now your context box should look something akin to the following, with the text you would like to appear in the label, follow by the uploaded media content:

Window with media added to it

The “Downward arrow” () icon gives you more visible tools including a screenreader helper. When you are finished editing in this window, simply click the icon again, and your changes will appear in the main browser window.

More editing options

7. When you are finished composing your page, click the button at the bottom of the page called Save and return to course to go back to the course home page or Save and display to see your label.

To delete a label, please see this post.