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Quick Tour – Finding a Course

Navigation Block The Navigation block, located on the right side of the home page in Moodle, is the easiest way to navigate to your courses. The Home page is where you land when you first log in to Moodle. This page contains general site-wide announcements and useful...
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Quick Tour – Editing a Course

When you first view your new courses, you will want to begin populating the site with your course material. First, you will need to turn editing on for the course. The Turn editing on button is located on the top right side of the page, just above the search forum...
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Quick Tour – Viewing in Different Roles

Course instructors are assigned the role of Professor for their courses.  Students in the class have the role of Student.  As you create your course, you may want to review the student view of the course to ensure things appear as you expect. To switch roles: 1. In...
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Quick Tour – Publishing a Course

At the beginning of the semester, Moodle site shells are created for all classes and students enrolled in the class will appear on the roster of Users for the corresponding Moodle course.  Students, however, cannot see the Moodle site until an instructor makes it...
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Quick Tour – Making Course Announcements

Moodle’s Announcements feature is a convenient way for you to communicate to students with timely information.  Use it, for example, to make announcements about changes to the schedule, reminders about upcoming assignments or any other information you want to...
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Moodle is the Learning Management System (LMS) used by Occidental College. Moodle is a convenient way for you to contact, deliver content to and assess your students.

Moodle Office Hours

Mondays, 10-11am
Thursdays, 3-4pm
Darren Hall’s Office (next to Brown Learn Lab in the Academic Commons) or by appointment.


Resources are items that an instructor can add to the page for students to access, such as a document, audio, images, text or a link.

Darren Hall

Darren Hall

Academic Technologist