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Digital Pedagogy

We work with faculty and students to design learning experiences that emphasize the spirit of inquiry and collaboration while making informed choices about tools for accessing, producing and sharing knowledge.

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Workshops for Students

We offer workshops for students outside of courses at the request of groups and clubs, summer research students, and drop in workshops led by students for students in the Critical Making Studio.

Learn Audio Mixing in Logic X

Introduction to UX

App Development

Virtual Reality

Course Integrated Workshops and Labs

We work closely with faculty to design single and series workshops (labs) to guide students through the process of research and/or the development of digital projects, while cultivating specific information literacies related to data, images, computation, audio visual, or text-based materials.

Additional Workshops

CSP Developing a Research Strategy

Open Data

Advanced Research

Global Crossroads


Faculty Development Workshops

In addition to FLCs, we offer occasional workshops for faculty on course design, teaching undergraduates research skills, developing digital assignments, and creating inquiry-driven courses that cultivate crucial research and information literacy competencies.