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During the Digital Summer Institute, faculty from across the college had the opportunity to experiment with iPads as they worked on a digital research and/or learning project. The institute also included ipad app demonstration sessions led by Mellow Post-Doctoral fellows Suzanne Scott and Wendy Hsu. After Scott and Hsu shared the apps they have found useful in their own scholarship, such as iannotate, wordpress, and evernote, and faculty explored on their own, institute participants generated their own list of most useful apps, which we present below. From this initial list, we plan to develop additional reviews and documentation on the best ipad apps for teaching, learning, research, and productivity.

DropBox: sharing documents
ForScore: music analysis tool (links score PDF to mp3)
Good Reader: reading/annotating PDF
EverNote: note taking, document organizing (folder, tagging)
FlipBoard: a news reader for social media (tweets, Facebook updates)
Essay Grader: comment (custom and template), customize rubric
Sound Note: audio-note recording
Skype: video chat
British Library app “The Treasures”
The Dragon Dictations: transcribing speech (takes time to train speech) into text
Pulse: blog feeds, easy-to-read interface
Prezi Reader: some limitations (no PDFs)
ABC News: news feed in 3D interface
Life Magazine: good photograph gallery
Van Gogh HD
CamScanner: taking pictures of document using the iPad camera, saves as PDF to DropBox