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I found an article Ten Steps to Better Research┬árecently, and it gives a good, basic overview of searching for information. In addition to the useful mindset to have while searching, the site showed me a couple of searching tips I’d never known about before. Notably, the AROUND function.

From page 2 of the site:

One very powerful, but undocumented, search tool, which works on both SweetSearch and Google, is the AROUND function. If you wanted to research Barack Obama’s interactions with Australia, you could simply include both terms in a search, but you’d find thousands of articles in which these two terms may appear many paragraphs apart, and bear no relation to one another. But if instead you search “obama” AROUND(10) “australia” then the first results will be one in which Obama appears within ten words of Australia. NOTE: for this to work, both search terms must be in quotes, AROUND must be capitalized, and the number must be in parentheses.

There are several other useful tips and strategies here, and I recommend checking them out if you get the chance.

On a related note, here is a really interesting infographic that contains some of this information and just some generally interesting things about searching on Google.