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(Last Updated On: June 6, 2017)

As a psychology professor, I was eager to find ways to apply the iPad and it’s many tools to the teaching of psychology, specifically in the areas of neuropsychology and the biology of the stress response. Sadly, despite numerous efforts to identify such an application, I found only neuroanatomy apps. These are useful but not animated or tailored in the ways I needed. I’ve actually found very few apps specific to the teaching of psychology.

That said, my teaching has been facilitated by the iPad in several ways. First, I used the video function to record my students giving presentations and provide them the opportunity to see themselves presenting. Second, I’m utilizing Evernote and Dropbox to manage information and course materials more easily. Third, I’m still debating the use of iAnnotate vs. text-expansion software for critiquing student papers. I personally did not find iAnnotate as user-friendly as hoped however I’m still trying. I like the idea of “holding” documents in Dropbox both for the easy access and for the “record-keeping” function it offers. Perhaps the biggest change has occurred in my way of thinking about information and workflow management as a result of the discourse and demonstrations of the iPad FLC.