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Moodle allows you to restrict access to resources or activities based on specific dates/times, a student’s grade on a previous activity, an item from the student’s profile, or a student’s completion of a previous activity.¬†This feature is useful when you have resources that you want to be available to students only after some other condition is true.

Navigate to the resource or activity you which to impose a condition¬†on. To the right of the resource or activity you should encounter an “Edit” dropdown. From the dropdown, select “Edit settings”.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 3.15.44 PM

Navigate to the “Restrict access” field on the following page and expand it. From here, you may restrict access to this resource or activity according to a date range, grade conditions, or a feature from a user’s profile. You may also determine how you’d like your resource or activity to appear on your page if it is restricted, i.e. a choice between it being completely hidden or simply greyed out and displaying restriction information.

When finished, select “Save and return to course”.