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Contributed by Linda Lyke

An informative and user involved app called UKIYOE (Japanese wood block) process is quite useful to Beginning printmaking classes as it allows students to actually try their hand at the process in order to understand the concept of image reversal and get a sense of what their drawing might look like as a wood cut.

After downloading UKIYOE:

The first procedure is press CARVE and the blank block is selected so that students can draw their proposed image with the PENCIL tool at the bottom of the page, if they make a mistake they can use the ERASURE tool to redo any line, next they select the KNIFE gouge and proceed to cut their image, then select the ā€œUā€ gouge to carve out the image. They then select the PRINT button at the top and a brayer pops up and inks the block, they then use their hand to rub the print with the baren over the entire surface and the resulting print will reverse when they press OK. The app takes students quickly through the process so that they can understand it, and see some results of their own drawings before actually doing the real labor of carving a block of wood or lino cut.