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This is OpenStreetMap:

openstreet oxy

OpenStreetMap is an open-source collaborative world map.

Users can add buildings, roads, notes, and more. It allows local communities to take control of their own local maps into their own hands, letting them include details that otherwise would not be shown on more official sources. A large part of the value of OSM is that it’s free in all senses of the word.

It’s free as in zero cost, and it’s free as in freedom and liberty.

Its license is completely open source, and all data can be downloaded and reused for free in perpetuity so long as attribution is given to the OpenStreetMap project.

OpenStreetMap is currently very popular in Europe, but the USA has fallen far behind in the detail of the maps. This gives Occidental a unique opportunity to create and shape the map of our immediate area here in Eagle Rock, and in Los Angeles as a whole.

Pictured above is Occidental’s campus, mapped out by us. We need your help to literally put your community on the map! Find and describe your favorite hiking trails, food trucks, creeks, or even just a clever shortcut you take to get to class faster. The website has a fantastic tutorial that takes under 5 minutes and will teach you everything you need to know, so head to the OpenStreetMap website and start editing!