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1. Once logged onto Google Drive, click on the gear wheel on the upper right hand side 1

2. Select Settings then click on Manage Apps.2

3. Select the blue link that reads Connect more apps. 3

4. In the search bar located to the right, type “music player for google drive.”

5. Select the blue box labeled Connect that appears next to the application titled Music Player for Google Drive.


6. When the connection is completed, exit all remaining boxes. You should be redirected to your Google Drive.

7. On the left hand side, select Shared With Me. Double click the audio file you would like to play.


8. A new window will appear requesting permission for Music Player for Google Drive. Select Allow.

9. This will redirect you to the Music Player for Google Drive web page. The audio file will play.


10. To play other audio files, return to your Google Drive and select the specific file. You will not be asked for permission and the file should play directly on a Music Player for Google Drive page.