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Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 11.31.07 AMWith the permission of an advisor or mentor, many types of student work may be posted to OxyScholar, a platform for digital scholarly work created at Occidental College by members of the Oxy community. (Read more about OxyScholar and Open Access here.) With the exception of selected scientific projects with ongoing research, these student works will be accessible on a permanent basis to the public, and fully searchable via Google and Google Scholar.

For students submitting their own work:

  1. Navigate to the OxyScholar Submission Instructions.

  2. Review the Guidelines for Preparing student work for submission to OxyScholar (PDF).

  3. Fill out the appropriate permission agreement, and submit a scan of it via email to [].

  4. Click Submit Research, and select the Student Scholarship series under your department or group.

  5. Upload your work according to the directions. Be sure to select a Creative Commons License when filling out the upload form.

  6. Once uploaded, and your permission agreement is received, an OxyScholar administrator will publish your work.

For faculty or staff uploading and publishing student work:

  1. In order to upload and publish submissions to the OxyScholar back end, you must have administrative access to your department or group. To request administrative access to OxyScholar, please email [].

  2. Log into your account by clicking My Account on the upper right corner of

  3. Follow the instructions in this tutorial.

For help, contact [], or [].