Select Page is a free resource for building interactive timelines on any given topic. You can incorporate media, like images, videos, blogs, and music to accentuate your timeline, and make it as private or public as you wish. The subject matter can pertain to either you personally or the general public as well. Dipity is especially useful for teachers and students who wish to make chronological records of data for academic purposes.

To sign up for an account, click Join Dipity in the upper right hand corner. Fill in your information, choose a username and password, and click Join.

To browse other users’ timelines, scan the homepage or click to the Hot Topics page (each time you visit the page, a new batch of results pop up). You can follow timelines by clicking the green Follow button next to each one. By doing so, you will be able to easily access your favorites under the Following tab at the top. You can similarly follow users by navigating to their pages and finding the Follow button.

To create your own timeline, click Create a Timeline at the top of the page. Choose a topic name or title for your timeline (i.e. Movies and TV Shows Filmed at Occidental) and enter a brief description. You can upload or link to a picture for your Topic Thumbnail, which will appear beside your timeline to give viewers an idea of what it’s about. You can also set permissions: you can keep the timeline private to yourself, viewable to the public, open to the public for contribution, or open to select people of your choosing. If you add people to contribute, then they can add events to your timeline, but they can’t edit events created by others or change the timeline’s settings. If you add people to edit, then they can add, edit, or delete any event and they have access to the settings.

Once you’ve created the timeline, you can add events, images, videos, music, etc. You can always add more data later, after you have created the timeline. In Advanced Settings, you can decide how far a viewer can zoom in to look at specific times, choose a date on which to center your timeline (this will be what first appears when anyone opens it), and enter different tags (subjects) to make it more searchable. Once you finish, click Save and View Timeline.

Visit Dipity’s FAQ for further help.