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Aside from simply importing grades from Excel, you can also copy and paste grades into Moodle.

  1. Within your course, go to the Administration block on the left and select Gradebook Setup.

2. Once within the gradebook, go to the administration block again and select Paste file from spreadsheet under the Import drop-down menu.

3. With your grades copied, simply paste them into the Data box.


4. From there, select Upload grades at the bottom.

5. The next page will include an Import Preview that will display up to the first 10 rows of data so that you may ensure everything looks correct.

6. Below Import Preview you will find the Identify user by section. If you choose to map grades by email, for the Map from drop-down, select Email (referecing the second column of the spreadsheet) and for the Map to drop-down select “useremail.” There are also options to map by “username”, “userID”, and “useridnumber”, and if you choose to map by these options your column heading in your spreadsheet should match accordingly. This will correctly match the grades in the .csv file to the students’ Moodle accounts.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 11.03.02 AM

7. Underneath this you will find Grade item mappings, which allow users to select how to designate each column in the spreadsheet to Moodle grading. There are three basic options: you can ignore a column, map it to a pre-existing assignment/quiz, or create a new grade item.

a. Select “ignore” for the Name and Email fields. Moodle already has columns for these.

b. If you are importing a quiz or assignment that has already been added to Moodle you will want to select the appropriate grade item from the drop-down menu. For example, if you have an offline activity already set up for a grade item you are importing, you should match the grade item to its existing referent accordingly, which will be listed in the drop-down menu.

c. For all other grades which you are importing for the first time without a pre-existing Moodle referent, select new gradeitem from the dropdown menu. This will create grade categories for each new assignment you entered from the spreadsheet.

When you are finished mapping grades, select Upload grades.